Saturday, October 15, 2005


***Once the bun's in the oven, they always start talking about this stuff.

***This could be the dumbest fashion trend of all. I hope it doesn't make its way to our shores. Ladies?

***I am sick of hearing about how we're all going to die from the bird flu. Now it seems we have another flu breathing down our necks: Dog flu. Maybe Kitty can ask the Dogman about this and give us the skinny.

***Hillary should think before opening her carpetbagging mouth.

***Game 3 between the White Sox and Angels wasn't as exciting as game 2. The good news is the White Sox won. The Angels lost game 2 because their catcher blew it, and I found a columnist who agrees with me.

***Dakota Pundit, one of my favorite reads, has taken some time off to get back into shape, physically. But did she leave us for good? Her site's been down for a couple days now.

*** The story about Armstrong Williams is being reheated in the MSM--a non-story in my opinion. And nothing's on the stove in the MSM's kitchen regarding Chuckaquiddick. Hmmm.

***Just for fun.

*********MR. RIGHT'S PHOTO CONTEST**********

***Ya, I'm pissed!! Not even in the rankings, again. Brainster is outrageous, while Chris walks away with the bonus points. Next week's photo should prove to be gobs of fun.

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