Saturday, October 08, 2005


My movie reviews always come under the heading of "The Princess Theater," and later I'll tell you about the place. For now, I'll give you a short review of this movie.

A good movie, but not great. If you don't enjoy sports, don't bet on sports, or have no clue what a bookie is, then this movie may not be your cup of tea.

On the other hand, if you enjoy sports, bet on sports, have a bookie and owe him money, then this movie is for you. At the very least you'll learn something.

This movie begins with "life is good" and then gradually crosses over to the dark side to "life sucks." Pacino and McConaughey carry the movie very well with their parts. Russo's part starts off great but the writers failed her as the movie progressed.

The movie revolves around Pacino's company, a sports advice service, where they sell you their picks in upcoming football games. Pacino employs people to handicap games and McConaughey has a talent for this. McConaughey is a stand-out in Las Vegas at picking winners; Pacino notices his raw talent and brings him to New York to work for him. When he begins work in NY, things get fast and loose.

Overall, it's a good movie and I suggest seeing it. Aaron will enjoy Matthew, I'm sure of that. One last thing: On Monday night, take San Diego minus the points. It's a lock!!

****************OTHER STUFF

***I started blogging in February. Mid-May I added a counter and soon I'll be at 25,000. I know some blogs do that in a day, but it's still a number I'm proud of. I have enjoyed meeting many people here on the internet; someday I might have the pleasure of meeting some of you in person. But most importantly, I've learned a great deal in these few months and I'm in awe of the power of this rather new format. It is amazing. See you in the comments section.

***A couple posts back I mentioned a NYT article that was discussing the problems of having Lenin's body on display. I guess the body is difficult to maintain over time with fungus growing on it and all. After dinking around on the net, I found the solution to their problem. It's creepy as hell, but you can't hold back technology's advancements. Enjoy. For more info, click here.

***You can have lots of fun with this site.

***If you thought Howard Dean was the only one screwing up while talking, you'd be wrong. Listen to Minnesota's governor drop the F-bomb. Read the article for yourself. His polling numbers are on the rise, so I think he'll be ok.

***SUNDAY: Don't forget that MARATHON PUNDIT is photo blogging the Chicago Marathon live. Check his mobile photo blog for the newest pics. I hope he gets a good shot of "The Runaway Bride."

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