Saturday, November 05, 2005


From the AP:
"His interrogator was his son, Chris. Their talk, taped for "Fox News Sunday," represented the first time father and son had crossed paths professionally in careers that together stretches three-quarters of a century."

Not long ago I posted about Chris Wallace because he seems to be coming around to the idea that the MSM is biased. It wouldn't be important except for the fact his father is Mike Wallace, and Sunday he'll be interviewing him for the first time. Chris will be asking his father questions covering many topics, including Dan Rather's story about Bush and the his NG service. It should be good. (airtimes)

***Here in California the MSM is going hog wild trying to convince the voters that Arnold's propositions are failing in the polls. I don't believe the polls--period. The dems in this state are like dems everywhere, no ideas on anything. So why resort to this strategy when the propositions are failing badly? I know the answer--you figure it out for yourself.

***I have thought about and discussed these very things many times; I find it frustrating to put it all together, though. However, someone did and I'm sure you'll read it all, even print it out. This may be the most important post you'll ever read. Hat tip to Michelle Malkin.

***Scooter's probably going to jail--get over it. I told a friend the other day that it doesn't matter, though, because Bush will use the one tool all presidents use at the end of their terms: The presidential pardon. Here's a listing of pardons by president since Ike. Interesting.

***Pam at BlogmeisterUSA posted about Andy Rooney and his use of the term "negro" a few days ago. Tune into 60 Minutes tonight to see if he goes off about it again. My guess is he will, but what do I know? OK, I know Pam's new site is lookin' good.

***Anybody famous near you? Apparently no one thought Folsom was a good spot to spend an eternity. (on the left, click "location," then "United States") Check out Carrollton, Illinois--George Romero would have loved this location.

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