Tuesday, November 08, 2005


The Founder-in-Chief of The Right Place, Mr. Right, has added a couple new bloggers to his site. Anna (A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME), and T. M. Ergin (JOUST THE FACTS)-- So far, I likey.


***Aaron's cc has proposed developing a deck of cards featuring bloggers. Great idea. Mr. Right thinks so, too, and makes a case for including his blog in spades. If you want my opinion, click here.

***Chris at Lucky Dawg News always does a little touchup of Mr. Right's photo, so get on over there to see what he did this week. (scroll) Also, while you're there, he has a Bush video that I'm sure you'll want to see again.

***The TRP photo caption contest is developing very nicely. However, I was completely screwed in last week's competition. I'm considering an appeal. All winners, or mentions, receive points and Mr. Right keeps a running total of the current standings. I've clawed my way up the list to a solid 13th place out of some 40+ contestants. My sights are clearly set on one Rodney Dill. With a win last week, which I didn't get, I would've leaped forward to about 4th place. See the CAP HOG STANDINGS here.

***This week's photo, I thought, was a tough one. But looking at the entries so far, you can see there are many imaginative captions being entered. You have until Friday to get your entry in, and if you haven't entered before, I encourage you to do so this week--it's a lot of fun and you'll meet some great blogger folks in the bargain. Also, Mr. Right is very liberal with links to your blog. ENTER YOUR CAPTION FOR THE PHOTO BELOW, and good luck:

Look out, Rodney Dill, I'm comin' for ya!

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