Monday, February 06, 2006


Here's a ticket from the first Super Bowl back in 1967. Judging from the the ticket face, these games weren't called "Super Bowls" until later. This year's production was anything but "super." Some thoughts on yesterday's game:

*Bringing out the MVPs from all the past Super Bowls was a good idea. They all looked great. I can't imagine why Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw didn't make an appearance. The two greatest QBs in football history.

*Not the best National Anthem this year. Each year I hope beyond hope that someone will do it like Whitney Houston did years back. It doesn't get any better than that one.

*Not one mention of our military personel. Al Michaels did make a comment in passing when he welcomed our military viewing audience. But nothing was done on the field, no thanks, no appreciation, no tributes--nothing.

*The half-time show was painful. It was obvious to me that since the SB was held in Detroit, a Motown theme was in order. The Rolling Stones? Who thought that one up? Painful.

*The commercials were not even close to past years. I was not impressed at all. However, my favorite was Bud Lite. The one where the office manager hid Bud Lites all over the office in an effort to boost moral.

*The officiating was not the best, either. I give them a "C." With all the money flowing through the NFL, you would think they could afford to retain full-time officials. Unfortunately, a couple poor calls were game changers.

*In the booth: Al and John are the best in the business. Enough said.

*The game: The best team won. I was very surprised at around the 4 minute mark in the 4th, when Cowher was on the sideline celebrating with players, laughing, and slapping everyone on the back. He wasn't paying attention to business; the game wasn't even close to being over yet. Of all people, Cowher knows how a game can change on one play--the Indy game comes to mind. At the end, Cowher and the Steelers got lucky because the coach of the Seahawks wasn't paying attention, either.

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