Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today, we're on the ground floor of new journalism--citizen journalists of the New Media. We operate from several positions, such as bloggers, contributing opinion writers, reporters, columnists, and radio show hosts, BTR being one example.

Most citizen journalists gravitate toward one or maybe two of these areas--Not Andrea, she's heavily involved in ALL of them. Of course, most Citizen journalists aren't paid for their work; they are motivated by love of country and their fear of where our nation is headed. I'm not saying Andrea isn't compensated from time-to-time, but very few are. In time, that will change. For now, knowing they're making a difference is enough compensation. To be sure, Andrea just doesn't make a difference, she makes a HUGE and LASTING difference. I could tell you a story or two but that's for another time, especially after I get clearance.

There's no official Hall of Fame for citizen journalists, yet. But when one is finally established, Andrea will certainly be inducted on the first ballot. As citizen journalists go, she's a New Media MVP. I work with her seven days-a-week so I'm in a position to know the stats on her play. She plays to win--constantly bringing the fight to the enemy, always moving forward with no interest in holding ground. George Patton would approve.

Since there's no official NEW MEDIA award for her work, dedication, and determination to save our nation, I think the least we all can do is WISH HER ONE GIGANTIC HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Working with Andrea over these years has been one of the most satisfying and rewarding experiences of my life. I look forward to the coming years.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, ANDREA! But, as they say at Augusta National: The Masters doesn't begin until Sunday on the 2nd nine, and I figure you'll be making your approach shot into the 18th green around Nov 2nd. Expect the LEFT to leave you a very difficult pin placement too. With that in mind, you have miles and miles to go before you rest. There's uniformed men and women in harm's way and a nation to save, so get back to work, girl!

Stop by Andrea's blog and pass on your birthday wishes--The Radio Patriot. Or, if you prefer, drop her an email at


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