Monday, January 04, 2010


MICHELLE MALKIN REPORTS: The battle lines have been drawn, the date has been set. Who fills Ted Kennedy's senate seat will be decided on January 19 in a special election. This affects each and every citizen of this nation. According to some, this race is going to be close--that's the good news. The bad news: SEIU/ACORN specialize in stealing close elections. The GOP's Scott Brown needs our help NOW. Prior to the election, the most important day is January 11--Malkin has all the details.

APPOINTMENT RADIO: Tonight The Andrea Shea King Show features political writer JB Williams. Show begins at 9 pm est--The Radio Patriot has all the links. As I said, this is appointment radio. Be there.

AMERICA RISING: That's the name of a video Brutally Honest posted. It dovetails nicely with the special election mentioned above. If you're lookin' for a little hope, this vid fills the bill.

"MY LIFE IS GROWING SHORT": That's what Greybeard says in his personal review of 2009. GB, who posts at Pitchpull, is a veteran helicopter pilot with 40 plus years behind the stick. Recently, though, GB looked down at life's panel of gauges and saw a red warning light, and GB doesn't fly or go through life with a warning light flashing. Let's just say GB is making the necessary repairs and adjustments ASAP. Do you have a warning light flashing?


PRAY FOR MEL: Health related issues have forced Melanie Morgan to resign from her radio program in Washington DC. She's moving back to California to work the problem. Mel has some details at her site. Pray for her, then pray some more.

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