Monday, December 28, 2009


Janet Napolitano's security analysis--"the system worked"--was an incredibly stupid statement to make. But since it fell out of the mouth of an Obama White House cabinet member, it's not surprising in the least.

This Christmas bomber story serves only to remind us what we already knew: that we're not as safe as we think we are. We all know this but choose not to think it, especially if we're planning to fly. And because of Napolitano's statement, the story is being redirected, focusing on her abilities as the head of the DHS. At best, this is simply a "gotcha" moment, and one that Napolitano will have ample opportunity to clarify.

In my opinion, Napolitano is not the story nor should we be wasting inordinate amounts of time writing about it. However, many posts and articles right now are pouring onto the internet. No doubt tomorrow's cable news cycle will be filled with Napolitano this and Napolitano that. Don't get me wrong, this story is worthy of some reporting, but beyond that, it's still a "gotcha" moment and will amount to very little. Oh, maybe she'll lose her job. So what. What then, DHS Secretary Ayers?

The Radio Patriot is pointing out the beginnings of a deluge of reporting on this topic. Not only that, our Radio Patriot makes VERY CLEAR what's really important. What the real story is. And what YOU should be focused on, and it's not Janet Napolitano.

If you're not focused on what The Radio Patriot has pointed out--and it's something you already knew but have lost sight of--then everything else is just wasted conversation.


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