Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Last night's Andrea Shea King Show featured Big Government's Editor-in-Chief Mike Flynn. Flynn filled in for scheduled guest Andrew Breitbart, who was issued a last minute summons to appear before a New York Grand Jury proceeding. And, yes, it's ACORN related. Story at the RADIO PATRIOT.

At this point, we're just hoping we'll be able to learn the details of this little ACORN related get-together in NYC, but since Grand Juries are held in secret, there's a chance we won't know for some time, if ever.

You'd think losing Andrew Breitbart as a guest would be a loss for the audience, but with Flynn's nearly 20 years in the business of politics and news gathering, the audience got its money's worth, and then some.

Flynn has more than a firm grasp on the many serious and often complicated issues facing our nation. The most interesting part of his interview surrounded the history and impact of the current BIGS--Big Hollywood and Big Government. Then Flynn shifted to the future and brought us up-to-date on some of the newer BIGS currently in the developmental stages--and there are plenty of them. Look for them after the first of the year. Can you say, BIG SOROS? Here, try it: BIG SOROS. Has a great ring to it.

The news of more BIGS is very exciting and, to steal an oft-recurring term, historic. Or to put it another way, the Breitbart Machine is well on its way to "fundamentally transforming" the way your news is reported. Which, in this case, is the old-fashioned way. The only way.

Andrea will be interviewing Andrew Breitbart in the near future--and often--but Mike Flynn is welcome on this show as often as his schedule permits. Great editor, great interview, great guy. Much thanks for taking the time, Mike.

Listen to Mike Flynn's interview in our archive section. And be sure to make Big Government and Big Hollywood daily reads.

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Read Andrea's contributions at Big Hollywood and with Kristinn Taylor at Big Government.


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