Monday, March 29, 2010


After two Sunday rallies in Arizona--Phoenix and Flagstaff--members of the Tea Party Express loaded onto their buses early this morning for a short, 600 mile hop to St. George, Utah.

The St. George rally is scheduled for 3:30 PM.

Technology is a big part of TPXIII, allowing organizers and supporters to reach as many people as possible, and this is where Tea Party Express TV comes in.

Unless you're an embed on the tour, there is no way to attend all the rallies. But with TPX TV, you can attend "live" via your computer. Last night I watched the Flagstaff rally from right here in Northern California.

I watched Amy Kremer, Mark Williams, Andrea Shea King, Lloyd Marcus, JD Hayworth, Debbie Lee and the rest of the TPX crew speak to a gathering of American patriots. Did I mention The Rivoli Revue and Diana Nagy? Yep, them too. I almost forgot Polatik--he's new, talented and a big hit at the rallies.

SO HERE'S THE DEAL: Head over to the Tea Party Express III site. On the menu bar at the top, hit TPX TV, sign up, bookmark, check the schedule, and you will be able to invite your friends and family to the next TPX rally via your computer. And when the tour comes to your area, be there--bring someone along too.

TPX TV was developed by William and Selena Owens. It's one of the best additions ever for the tour. In addition to TV, Wm and Selena produce the beautiful TPX III commemorative journal pictured above. Check out both at TPX TV--you'll be glad you did!

Hey, while you're still here, go on board the Gold bus with Lloyd Marcus.

More to come...


The Andrea Shea King Show
will broadcast "live" from Utah after the rally in St. George, updating you on the latest from the TPX III tour. Don't miss it.


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