Saturday, June 05, 2010


If you followed sports from the 1960's on, you knew who John Wooden was. If you never followed sports at all, chances are you've heard of him. His life and successes as a basketball coach at UCLA went far beyond the court and well into his retirement. Wooden was a winner, a coach among coaches. A teacher. And not just in sports--in life.

Wooden had one losing season to his record. One. He knew the secret to success on the court, no doubt. But to Wooden, winning on the court began off the court--how you conducted yourself as a person was paramount, fundamental to everything. He was both a basketball coach and a life coach; he taught both very well.

In life, you only get one Wooden, one Lombardi. Wooden was blessed with 99 years but he'll live on long after those.

Fitting, I think, that
Wooden died at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, because you only get one Ronald Reagan too.

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