Friday, June 04, 2010


JOHN McCAIN has called in a BIG RINO hired gun to help push JD Hayworth and his conservative forces back. Mitt Romney will be stumping for McCain today in Mesa. (Greta and Sean were unavailable.) No word on whether or not Dr. Juan Hernandez will be attending this speech, but I'm sure he's somewhere close by. After all, Hernandez was McCain's liaison to the Hispanic community during the "so called" '08 Republican presidential campaign.

There isn't a conservative policy between these two faux republicans. McCain, however, is hoping there's enough dummies left in Arizona who don't realize that fact.
VOTE for JD Hayworth in the August primary. *(Here's how the McCain-Romney campaign stop went.)

MORE GOOD NEWS coming out of Europe: Hungary is the next domino to fall in the great progressive experiment called the EU. When I say good news, I mean it. This is progressivism on parade, and it's falling apart. Of course, we'll suffer for it at some point but that's the way it has to be. This economic robbery can no longer be papered-over by the media. The sooner this is exposed, the better.

Prior to the market open this morning, the DOW, along with all major indicators, were diving for the bottom of the tank. (9am pst Dow down -222.)Fiscal woes in Europe (Hungary) have the markets in an uproar, with investors running for cover. Meanwhile, the job numbers for this week were posted--bad, but that isn't stopping Obama and Biden from giving a speech at a factory this morning, touting how the stimulus and jobs bills are kicking in with great success; hiring is taking place across the board in industry. OUR economic problems are finally over--we're on the road to recovery!! Yes!! One day these two criminals will share a jail cell.

California is our EU. I live here; I'm living it, personally. This state is on life support, approaching economic calamity and death. I say death because people will be dying as a result of cutbacks in services to the least powerful and influential. It's nearing "every man for himself" in some sectors. On the other hand, UNIONS--the real owners of this once great state--are doing just fine and all future prospects are looking up--Blue Sky, Baby!!

Again, the same goes for California as the EU: the sooner this progressive experiment is exposed, the better. Here in California, the same goes for the media as well: they can't hide the facts any longer. The game is over on progressive policies; it will be painful for a lot of folks but it's something we must go through in order to take back our state and nation.

NOISYROOM WILL HAVE more economic news listed in the financial links post.

MELANIE MORGAN has a variety of links--Chuck D. from the OC vs. Babs Boxer and much more.

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