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Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 31, AD 2011 10:12 AM MST

Hat Tip to WaltzingMatilda at The Conservative Treehouse on this one.

I have been meaning to briefly write up a little something on Obama's oratorical skillz for quite some time, and this gives me the perfect opportunity to do it.

There are two points I want to make.

1. As Obama reads his TelePrompter, it has become clear that the vast majority of the time he neither knows nor understands what he is actually saying. In fact, I think that most of the time, he has not even pre-read the script, or at best has merely skimmed it. Given his extreme laziness and malignant narcissistic worldview in which he believes that he can do no wrong, coupled with his delivery, this is becoming undeniable. Listen to him. His inflection is almost exactly the same with every sentence. He reads every sentence almost exactly the same way. Most of the time he can get away with this and it comes off as "oratory inflection", but sometimes it catches him, and his inflection is just completely wrong for what he is saying.

Now, if I may be so bold, compare his delivery to my delivery on video. In both the "Lindsey Graham" clip and the entire Boston speech, I am also reading off of a redneck teleprompter setup. Listen to how wildly variable my inflection is. Listen to how my inflection matches the words and ideas I am trying to communicate perfectly. Many people think that I delivered both of those speeches completely off the cuff - which is an incredible compliment. The reason people think that I was speaking extemporaneously is because my inflection is NATURAL and CONVERSATIONAL, albeit emphatic. People who know me can tell that I'm reading because I tend to speak much faster when speaking extemporaneously. The reason my delivery sounds good to the listener's ear is because I wrote, fully understand and emphatically believe everything I am saying, and the words I am speaking are fully my own. In other words, I am sincere. Obama has no idea what he is saying. He is just reading with a gimmicky inflection and is relying on his baritone vocal timbre to bail him out.

2. The second point I want to make is the fact that Obama has, at best, a passing familiarity with the English language. We all know what a stammering, stumbling imbecile he is when he is off the TelePrompter, but even in these fully-scripted speeches, his linguistic incompetence shines through. Go to the 2:00 mark in this video. Pookie launches into an anecdote about Travis Manion. Several points:

A.) Obama proves that he neither wrote nor reviewed the speech beforehand because he is completely thrown by Manion's last name.

B.) Any "genius" native English speaker would have no problem with Manion's name - it is pronounced MAN' - yun. But genius Pookie goes all Hooked-On-Phonics and sounds it out like a first grader would as muh - NEE' - un.

C.) Then, at the 2:10 mark, Obama again proves that he has absolutely no idea or comprehension of what he is saying when he says, "accepted by the USS . . . Naval Academy".

Everyone stumbles over their words, stutters and even mis-pronounces things. It happens. But Obama is way beyond that. He is a man of below-average intelligence who is lazily bluffing his way through speeches he doesn't even bother to pre-read. He is a sickening disgrace and a low-rent con.

Oh, and if you haven't listened to this interview with a collection agent who found proof of more Obama felony identity fraud, you must listen and forward. This was sent to me while I was in Vegas, and the person who sent it is also a former collection agent and confirmed that this guy "Al" is 100% for real. Obama, in addition to having multiple SocSec numbers also uses the alias "Harrison J. Bounel". Identity fraud and aliases are de riguer among the Marxist-Communist underground. And it sounds to me like Obama has had significant "help" over the years with his multiple identities; almost as if some Company or Agency was taking care of him. Remember, if any one of us tried anything like this, we would go to prison so fast our heads would spin. And this criminal is sitting in the Oval Office, shredding the Constitution, willfully destroying the economy, unilaterally sending our troops to war and dictating to Israel what he thinks their borders should be. And there isn't a single person of integrity who will do anything about this.

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