Tuesday, May 10, 2011


New Word!!
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 9, AD 2011 11:51 PM MST

The word "chickenshit" is pretty salty and certainly constitutes profanity, so I have found the solution! NEW WORD!

Pronounced pull - us - feem' - us.

That, my friends, is "chickenshit" in Latin. Pullus = chicken and fimus = dung. The plural would be "pullusfimi". Problem solved. Bye-bye profanity. Latin rules. Use pullusfimus in a sentence tomorrow and impress your friends!

I'll get you started:

After burning a koran on YouTube, I have yet to be beheaded because muslims are actually a big bunch of pullusfimi.


Venue Change in Boston!!
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - May 9, AD 2011 3:39 PM MST

(TWD: I will update with exact time, date and location)

Apparently poor Rabbi Hausmann had so much browbeating from a handful of people in the Avahath Torah synagogue about having a "hateful" person like me come in to speak, that he had to change the location. It makes perfect sense. Why in the world would you want to have a speaker who is a.) ON YOUR SIDE, b.)DOES NOT WANT TO KILL YOU and c.) WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH TO DEFEND YOU?

So, we will now be at the Marist House Retreat Center in lovely and charming Framingham, MA, just up the road a piece on the Mass Turnpike. Yes, I am definitely chuckling at the fact that the only place Conservative Jews can assemble and engage in honest dialog and exchange of ideas in Massachusetts is in Catholic Church facilities. Hee hee. :-)


Sunday, May 15, 11:00 am
Marist House Retreat
518 Pleasant Street
Framingham, MA, 01701.

Admission is $10 at the door. Continental Breakfast served. (The $10 covers facility/catering--breakeven event.)

Ann is receiving no speaking fee or honorarium. ACTBoston is covering her airfare and lodging. For more info, email


Pulled from a previous post by Ann:

If you're thinking of drafting an email right now telling me that I shouldn't do these things, and that I am putting myself in harm's way - don't waste your time. I have been given the opportunity to speak such that the entire world can hear me. I have the chance to say everything that needs to be said, but that everyone else is either too chickenshit, too stupid or too evil to say. I have the potential ability to shape and direct and shore up with truth the global conversation. Do you honestly think that I am going to pass that chance up? Clearly there are forces at work here beyond myself. Clearly these things are happening for a reason. Do you really think it is God's Will for me to spend next Sunday afternoon doing laundry like most other Sunday afternoons? Really? And how, exactly, would I answer Christ at my particular judgement when He asks me, "I wanted you to say those things. I set the whole thing up for you. If you had just been brave and gone to Boston, history would have been different. Why didn't you TRUST ME? WHY WERE YOU AFRAID?"

I'm not afraid. Not even a little. I'm going to Boston, and I'm going to relish every second of it. And if I come home in a box, my corpse will be smiling.

Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito!


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