Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Campaign to Defeat Obama" Vice-Chair, Andrea Shea King, interviewed by Houston's News Talk 740 KTRH's Matt Patrick

It was an early morning call for Andrea Shea King as she hit the ground running with her first radio interview as Vice-Chair of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama.

News Talk 740 KTRH's Matt Patrick of Houston, Texas, had Andrea on to discuss the legal status of the "Occupy" movement. By "legal status," Matt was referring to their many entanglements with law enforcement. Listen to interview.

Unlike the Tea Party movement, the "Occupiers" have been taking up space in more than just parks around the nation. News accounts indicate they've been spending a lot of time at local police departments as well, facing various charges and some as serious as assault on law enforcement officers.

King also informed KTRH's audience about the goals of The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and how to get involved and stay informed about the campaign. The KTRH interview was Andrea's first after moving into the Vice-Chair position, and as the 2012 election nears, King expects a busy schedule of radio and tv interviews.

Take the first step--Keep yourself in the loop by going to The Campaign to Defeat Barack Obama and sign up for their EMAIL ALERTS. We all have one goal in common, and that's to make sure Obama is not re-elected in 2012.

**Andrea Shea King blogs at The Radio Patriot and hosts The Andrea Shea King Show Mon-Fri 9 pm et.

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