Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wednesday night on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW: Elizabeth Letchworth of and Blogtalkradio's Congressional Candor

Wednesday night on THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW, guest Elizabeth Letchworth joins us again for the inside scoop and analysis under the dome in Washington DC.

It's a weekly feature that's not to be missed... and if you do, well join Elizabeth on her own Blogtalkradio show on Monday and Friday at 6:30 pm et--CONGRESSIONAL CANDOR. And don't forget Elizabeth's other work of art:, where you can grade your reps and communicate with them as well.

Tonight there will be more than enough news to cover so be in the chat room early for a good seat. See you in Chat!!

Below: At the CNN/Tea Party Express Presidential Debate in Tampa, Florida 2011--Andrea Shea King (L) and Elizabeth Letchworth.

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