Monday, October 31, 2011


Earlier this morning in the Monday news cycle, one of the prominent news items--conveniently scheduled for release this morning--is the alleged sexual harassment case involving republican leader Herman Cain.

As predicted Friday at The Radio Patriot, women would be coming forward in an effort to derail the Cain Train. Hardball politicos always reach for this weapon when all else fails to sideline the popularity of a successful candidate they want stopped. And Cain is not just a successful candidate, he's a runaway political phenomenon.

As of this writing, we don't have any solid details in hand unless and until Cain himself addresses the issue. I'm somewhat of an expert in the field of sexual harassment settlements ( not against me, of course) and they're not always what they seem since docs are almost always sealed when no trial is involved. So I can tell you that the public has little to no knowledge of the subject and most especially this particular one involving Cain. And this lack of detailed information gives opponents of Cain an advantage, coloring the issue to their liking and keeping it alive by bringing it up at every turn.

It was just announced on Fox & Friends that Cain will be commenting on the allegation in a few hours, so until then, we really won't know much more. The one thing we do know, is that the left media--including the right--will pull out all the stops to slow the popularity of a man who is not supposed to be where he is in the polls.

More to come---developing.

NOTE: I will be at the doctor this morning, so a guest blogger might be updating this story for me.

*UPDATED---CAIN'S RESPONSE 7:00 AM PST via Fox & Friends:

First they (Cain and advisers) are arguing over the ground rules of the questioning. Not surprising. No question was answered at this time but Cain will be returning to Fox in about an hour for a comment.

**UPDATE---8:20 AM PST: Paraphrasing--Cain says he was accused of sexual harassment while at the National Restaurant Association but didn't commit these alleged offenses. According to Cain, they are false claims and if they were paid off, he hopes it wasn't for much since he never committed any offenses against these women.

The Fox interview then moved on to campaign issues, including his family which he said would not be in the limelight throughout the campaign. Sticking to the issues was his message.

Overall, this was an excellent response by Cain... but expect the issue to continue boiling in the pot in many spots--MSNBC, CNN and with several of Cain's republican opponents. The print press will certainly continue buying extra ink to continue publishing this story, and don't be surprised if these women come forward--lawyer in tow--to hold a presser. When you're running for president and winning, you can expect anything to be lobbed in your direction. It is war.

Final thought: I don't think this issue is over.

Final Final: Greta will be covering The Cain Train issue tonight!! Oh boy!! (10 pm et)

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