Sunday, October 23, 2011


Posted by Ann Barnhardt of Barnhardt Capital Management, Oct 21, AD 2011

The definitive online law library service has been caught red-handed via web caching services as having fraudulently removed all references to the definitive "Natural Born Citizen" SCOTUS decision, Minor vs. Happersett, from its entire library. This was done in early 2008, obviously front-running for Obama at the Obama campaign's bidding. Minor vs. Happersett explicitly defines "Natural Born Citizen", a standard which Obama obviously does not meet simply by virtue of the fact that his male DNA contributor was a Kenyan - regardless of Barry's physical place of birth.

In early 2008, every Heppersett reference was painstakingly removed by When the fraud was discovered last year, then painstakingly returned the case law to its original, uncorrupted and unedited form. But the damage was already done. is run by a man named Tim Stanley. Mr. Stanley should be arrested and tried for treason and sedition. Sedition is defined as engaging in behavior designed to subvert the lawful order, namely the Constitution of the United States. Tim Stanley has committed a capital offense in facilitating the subversion of the Constitution in the person of Barack Obama. When are we going to start arresting traitors? How can this nation survive if treason and sedition are LAUGHED AT and men can literally shred the Constitution without compunction?

Here is the very thorough citation. Please distribute.


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