Tuesday, April 24, 2012


This evening on The Andrea Shea King Show, our little Radio Patriot will be returning to the airwaves from Florida's beautiful Gulf Coast area.  Andrea has been very busy with personal, family business as well as a trip to BlogCon over the weekend.

Joining Andrea tonight will be ChicagoLand blogger John Ruberry of the well known blog Marathon Pundit.  Ruberry will be giving his take on the BlogCon conference and Andrea will be giving her opinion of the largest gathering of conservative bloggers too.  Should be interesting and informative.  

In addition to BlogCon info, we'll be asking Ruberry to discuss a recent post at his site that covers the financial failings of his home state of Illinois.  According to Illinois officials, Illinois is way behind in paying people who do business with the state. And when I say "behind," I mean $9 Billion in BEHIND.  It's a financial train wreck and someone's going to be left holding the bill.  We're hoping Ruberry can shed more light on the subject as well as give us some insight into which state he thinks will win the race to bankruptcy! 

Ok, Andrea's back--tune in at 9 pm et for THE ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW

(Below: John Ruberry and Andrea at BlogCon 2012)

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