Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This is just a notice letting regular readers, friends and family know that THIRDWAVEDAVE, the blog, will be posting more frequently on a couple topics I don't normally post about. Now there's a reason for this and it isn't important for me to go into all that's behind this, but for now, here's a little insight:

The first topic is GAMING. I'm talkin' gamblin' here. I was in the business of gaming, or around it, for nearly 25 years. The issue is near the top in the chambers of the California Legislature. These geniuses--the criminal class--here in River City will be trying to convince the voting public to "OK" turning this once beautiful, productive and very significant state into a casino. Well, I've been around this business for a long, long time. I have an opinion about this and will be posting about it here. If that's not to your liking, just come back another day and quite possibly I'll have something of my own or a linked piece for you to enjoy. Just remember, though, gaming is coming to your state soon... if it isn't already there. Not a good thing.

The second topic is MY HEALTH. Most of you know that my health problem back in '07 was diagnosed as a rare form of leukemia(CML). Long story short--I was approved for a BONE MARROW TRANSPLANT not long ago and I will be chronicling it on this blog. This little procedure will have me in the University of California Davis Cancer Center for a month, maybe longer. Here's my plan for the time I'm in the hospital:

They have WiFi. A plus for what I'm planning. I would like to track the process from beginning to end, using my words and video. Now I will be in bad shape during the procedure. Also, I will be in an isolation room. The first week starts off with liberal doses of a chemotherapy cocktail, which will bring my immune system down to nearly non-functioning. Then I get the bone marrow transplant, and that's where the real fun begins. Well, I will be feeling rather poorly at this point. That is, if I even survive the process.

My intentions are to write about the process and to do a short video of me talking about it. A couple things here: One, this is good for me since I won't be without something to do, a goal to keep me occupied. Two, others with similar conditions, or one of their loved ones, can get a peek into what this transplant process entails. Three, outside of my birth, this will be the single most important event in my life... or death. I want to keep a record of it with the hope that maybe someone else will benefit from my presentation. I hope I can grind it out on those days when I'm doing badly. I'll just have to see what I'm made of, I suppose.

And, of course, if you didn't stop by TWD's to see and hear about my illness, I certainly understand that. Not fun being sick, and I'm sure it's not much more fun reading about it, either. If you do click off, just remember to stop by on another day. I'll be doing the other newsy items, plus The Andrea Shea King Show, so things won't be changin' that much. Just a little addition here and there.

Thanks and good luck to me!!


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