Sunday, July 15, 2012

Prayers for Dave

It's been a week since I last came here to Dave's site to update you on his condition.

Unfortunately it hasn't gotten any better. In fact, it has worsened, and he is now on life support while his doctors try to identify the bacteria that is coursing through his body so they can eradicate it with the proper antibiotic. Pray they isolate it soon.

Those of us who are close to him -- his family and friends -- are asking for your prayers.

Please keep a good thought for Dave, and pray that God's will be done mercifully. If He is to take Dave, let it be swift and painless. If He wills it that Dave remain with us, let his recovery be also swift and pain free.

I will keep you posted as I learn more. But for now, please pray.

We have faith that His ways, thought they be mysterious, are perfect.

Thanks so much,



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