Monday, February 07, 2005


John Dean is back at it with the Deep Throat mystery again. He's made this a cottage industry unto himself. The DT mystery is right up there with Who Killed JFK as one of those things all of us want revealed.

The JFK story won't come into focus until 2029, according to our govt. By that time I will be so far out of focus that I won't care, so I don't wish any ill will towards DT, but, come on, already!

A check of the internet and TV indicates there's quite a buzz going on about this. I have high hopes this time. Dean even stated that Ben Bradley, of Washington Post fame, recently admitted he had gone so far as to write an obit for DT. Those who know DT's identity have agreed to keep it a secret until DT dies.

At least four people know who DT really is: Ben Bradley, the two WP reporters, and Deep Throat himself. I have an idea Hal Holbrook knows who it is too.

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