Monday, February 28, 2005


Chris Rock didn't drop any "F" bombs and I don't think he was bleeped even once, however, after sitting through the whole affair, it became quite apparent that Rock wasn't the best choice for hosting the Oscars.

The host's job is to make the evening flow, throw in a few jokes here and there, and prop the thing up when it begins to drag, as it often does. Political statements and the sort are for the winners when they give their speeches, if they so choose. Not the host. Rock wasn't on stage long before he tore into Bush and the war in Iraq. Inappropriate. Trump would've fired him, but I will grade him with a "C" overall.

The new format for awarding Oscars in the aisle and having everyone onstage together waiting for the winner to be announced was a bad idea. Not only was it a bad idea, it was an insult to those being awarded. Let them have their moment.

The tribute to past Oscar host, Johnny Carson, was superb and showed what talent and class this guy had. It also pointed out, painfully so, what the Oscars needs in a host and what Rock doesn't have.

Early in February I made 6 Oscar picks and won 5 of them. Not bad. I was pleased to see
Eastwood and his crew take the lion's share of awards; they deserved every one of them.

The only regret I had last night was that Eastwood didn't get the best actor award, but being up against Jamie Foxx' performance as Ray Charles, I wasn't surprised. Foxx was the one lock of the evening.

I wonder who will be hosting next year?

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