Friday, February 25, 2005


This argument that's raging in Florida over whether or not to kill Terri Schiavo is making me nuts. It all seems so very clear to me what should be done, but, yet, the courts can't seem to come to any solution in the case. However, in a day or so, they will render their decision.

I won't say what my preference is in this case, however, I will say that if you killed your family pet in the manner in which they're proposing for Terri, you would be in jail not long after.

Ok, let's see what we have here: a woman that is bed ridden, not on life support, just a feeding tube. She is awake, eyes open and seems to recognize things in front of her. She moves her head and makes noises.

She has a mother and father that want to keep her alive and provide her with love and care. She also has a husband that wants to remove her feeding tube and starve her to death. He says this is what Terri wanted but has no signed documentation by her to support this course of action. This is the same husband that has fathered 2 children out of wedlock since she's been in the hospital. I'm talking about the loving husband that will receive around $200,000 upon Terri's death by starvation.

You decide.....

UPDATE: This morning the court decided to give a 3 week stay in order for additional tests to be done.

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