Sunday, February 13, 2005


Do you follow "24" every week? I do. It's one of the most exciting shows on tv these days, and one I think is reflective of the situation in our nation to date. Many, though, don't think so and feel it's a slap in the face to many Muslims living in the USA. Hence, the following statement was made by Fox' Jack Bauer prior to the airing of last week's show:

"Hi. My name is Kiefer Sutherland. And I play counter-terrorist agent Jack Bauer on Fox’s ‘24’. I would like to take a moment to talk to you about something that I think is very important. Now while terrorism is obviously one of the most critical challenges facing our nation and the world, it is important to recognize that the American Muslim community stands firmly beside their fellow Americans in denouncing and resisting all forms of terrorism. So in watching 24, please, bear that in mind."

Stands firmly? Really. I don't remember hearing this resounding statement of support from the Muslim community, because I would've remembered it. Maybe the Muslim community needs to hire a better PR agency so they can get the word out to the rest of us. Furthermore, why did Fox have Sutherland make this statement instead of a high-placed, well regarded and well known leader from the American Muslim community?

Here's a must read article on this subject. As I see it, the Mosques located all over the nation (and you would be amazed how many there are) are like the ones in Iraq: off-limits. That is until you discover they're part of the war effort, housing terrorists, weaponry, and organizational tools.

Until we take a close and serious look at each of these "meeting places" dotting our landscape, we are putting ourselves in grave danger. There can only be a couple reasons why the local Muslim leaders aren't "shouting from the rooftops" their denouncement of terrorism. They're afraid of reprisals from radical Islamists or they're quietly supporting the insurrgency, or both.

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