Tuesday, February 15, 2005


JACKSON'S SICK CALL: Who didn't see something like this coming? This is the beginning of a long list of Jackson delays in his court case. Next he'll be having chest pains, a cancer scare, or maybe his nose will reject his face. Stay tuned.

MIDEAST PEACE: As nations in the mideast begin the process, again, of constructing a plan for lasting peace and a new State, it means one thing for sure: a whole bunch of people are about to get killed. Watch and learn.

THE COS: The recent news reports about Cosby resorting to the use of "date rape" drugs on women so he can grope them, is one pill I'm having trouble swallowing. Cosby has made his views on the parenting skills in the black community very clear lately, and I think this has pissed off the "powers that be" who profess to represent blacks in America. I smell a smear campaign in the works here. After all, famous, powerful types like Cosby probably turn down more "tail" in a month than the average male has a shot at in a year.

UPDATE: 2/17/05 it was announced that Cosby would not be charged.

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