Monday, February 14, 2005


The internet and news outlets are buzzing today about Oscar host Chris Rock. See Drudge Report here.

Hollywood's academy members are voicing their shock and surprise over some statements Rock has made in his comedy routines. They point to Rock's comedy routines involving politics, blacks, gays, and abortion, fearing if he offers these up to an Oscar audience, it will be a disaster. This, folks, is hype worthy of an Oscar nomination.

From a marketing standpoint, it is nothing short of brilliant. This hype is generated to increase viewership, not only across the board, but in the black community in particular. Black viewership is on the rise over the past few years because more blacks are being nominated for their work, and they're winning, too.

With Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman slotted as favorites in their categories, black viewership will be higher this year, but with Rock at the microphone the numbers will be even bigger.

For Hollywood, there can never be enough viewers, period. Trust me, the people in charge of hiring Rock as this year's Oscar host knew exactly what they were getting when they picked him. They are aware of everything that has ever come out of his mouth. I'm sure they sat him down and explained how his routine must be tailored. This is one of the biggest live shows on TV, if not the biggest, so the boundries have been made very clear to Rock.

Rock's most important audience isn't the people who buy tickets to the theater, it's his current and any future bosses watching the show with us. These people make Rock's life in the spotlight possible. This event will be huge for Rock and he won't do anything to screw it up.

He's not going to be Bob Hope or Johnny Carson during this show; he'll be Chris Rock and he'll be funny. I'm sure the director will have the "delay" button close at hand and will have cause to use it more than once.

It will be interesting to see if Las Vegas will be offering an OVER/UNDER betting line for F-BOMBS dropped during this year's show. My line is set at 7.5

I'll be taking the UNDERS.

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