Saturday, April 23, 2005


Early this morning, around 4 am, I heard a news blurb about John Kerry getting upset with someone at a function, where Hillary was introduced in a manner that suggested an endorsement for 2008. It got me to thinking about a post I made about him a couple months back.

In my opinion, Kerry isn't aware that he's washed up and, apparently, no one has stepped forward to inform him.

If he isn't washed up, then he's just one STANDARD FORM 180 away from being so. Why someone in the MSM hasn't had the strength to ask why he hasn't signed the form yet, is beyond me. Kerry told Tim Russert that he would release all his records through SF 180, but has failed to do so as of this date, and not one mention of it in the press.

If there was ever a "gotcha" story, and all reporters want one, this is it. Where the hell is Tim Russert? He cornered Kerry into making the statement, so where's the follow-up?

Does the bias in the MSM run that deep or is there another explanation for this?

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