Saturday, April 23, 2005


And he should've been. Bren and Craig's product to lessen office clutter was embarrassing, and since Bren was the PM, he should've been canned. By not properly doing a focus group question and answer session, they failed to get the proper info regarding office clutter and its organization. Actually, their product would've caused more problems with clutter than it solved.

On the other team, Craig produced a product that wasn't especially groundbreaking, but it was practical and you could see its usefullness just by looking at it. And, with the opposing team's poor product design, they slid into the winners' circle with no problem.

Now that Alex is the lone team member on his side, he gets to pick someone to come over and join him next week. If he has half a brain, he'll choose Kendra; she's clearly the most talented of the four remaining. Remember the Pontiac presentation she put together by herself after Craig and Tana bailed on her to get some sleep?

Out of the four left to fight it out, Kendra and Alex are clearly the odds-on favs to win this thing. Craig and Tana are a couple zeros in my book, and since Craig was PM last week, that means Tana will take on the responsibility next task.

Tana rides the elevator down by herself next week.

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