Friday, April 15, 2005


The Apprentice is clearly the best reality show on tv. For weeks I've been waiting for Chris to get fired, and after 7 weeks of boardroom appearences, he finally got the ax.

Weeks ago it was clear Chris brought other things to the table besides his talent for business: Things like immaturity and emotional instability. Somehow he avoided firing though he was the focus of many boardroom brawls. I think Trump saw something in him and looked past the obvious shortcomings, waiting for him to blossom later on. Never happened.

By far the worst effort by a team was the soap commercial a few weeks ago. The product Chris' team put before Pontiac last night was a close second; it was horrendous.

And to prove how wrong Trump was all these weeks, Chris started crying when he was fired. I thought it would have been a great ending if Tom Hanks would've walked into the boardroom as the tears were flowing and said, "There's no crying in business, get outta here."

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