Tuesday, April 12, 2005


From a marketing standpoint, the shot Tiger made at 16 is priceless, right down to the Nike "swoosh" being lined up perfectly for the camera as the ball rolled in. Under the circumstances, this is probably the greatest shot ever made at 16, and there have been many great ones.

First, Tiger's lead was slipping, he makes a poor tee shot that makes bogey a real possibility, and to make matters worse, his ball is resting up against the fringe, thus making it difficult to get the club on the ball correctly. The last time a player felt this level of pressure was when Scott Hoch stood over a two-footer for his first Green Jacket, and gagged it.

"Jaffee Juice" made a 30 and 60 second Nike commercial out of the footage from 16. The 60 second spot is the best. Take note of the announcer's comment about Woods' chances of getting the ball inside of DiMarco's ball, which was 20 feet away. View them here.

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