Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Since the Pope passed away, two things have grabbed my attention: One is the amount of non-stop coverage on the cable news outlets. I didn't think it would last past a couple days, but this fellow was special and the side-stories about him are almost endless.

The second is the MSM and its coverage. Of the three bigs, only NBC thinks the story is big enough to send their anchor to cover the story. Both CBS and ABC decided the Pope's passing only calls for underlings to cover funeral. What are these people thinking?

I'm thinking the MSM is in "faith shock" in that they had enough of this church talk with the Schiavo case dragging out for weeks, and then John Paul ll has the bad taste to die right on the heals of Terri's passing. Way too much talk of faith and believing for these libs.

This Pope's life story is absolutely amazing. His family went through the horrors of the Nazis in his home country of Poland, and when that was cleaned up they had to further endure the unending strife the Soviets brought to their doorstep. If that's not enough, he then went on to be Pope and was shot.

When the end of the USSR arrived, the wall came down and all of Eastern Europe was free of the Communist threat. There are four people you can point to that were directly responsible for ending the domination by the Soviets: Reagan, Thatcher, Gorby, and John Paul ll.

I listened to a story yesterday about a Bishop that was visiting the Pope a couple years ago. The Bishop was so upset over how ill the Pope was and how bad he looked, that he was in tears. When it was his turn to be before the Pontiff, he kissed his ring and said, "Holy Father, I fear this will be the last time I see you." The Pope's reply was, "Why, are you sick?" You gotta love a guy like that.

Anyway, the funeral will have over 200 dignitaries attending, the Royal Family postponing the wedding of Charles and what's her name, security issues that boggle the mind, and 2-3 million people expected at the Vatican this week to view the Pope.

Yea, I guess there's not much of a story here. Go figure.

UPDATE: Fox news just reported that Peter Jennings of ABC news has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Ok, ABC has an excuse, but that still leaves us wondering about CBS.

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