Thursday, March 31, 2005


Whether you side with Michael Shiavo or you side with Terri's parents, what happened at the Florida hospice this morning has to convince you in some little way that Terri's husband has something deeply wrong with him.

I speak of Michael blocking Terri's parents from being with her at the time of her passing. Michael Shiavo has stated over the years that all he is trying to do is allow Terri to die per her wishes. And I am sure Terri, while making her wishes clear to Michael, requested that her parents not be present at the time of her death. This is beyond cruel.

The story on Michael's motivation in this sad ordeal has been coming into focus over the last few weeks, but this morning I think the picture is crystal clear. For those of you that still believe Michael had only good intentions throughout this ugly process, watch in the coming months to see what his true motivations were all along. Follow the money. And, watch for a public backlash.

After this morning, there is no way you can feel good about any of this.

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