Monday, March 21, 2005


It's clear Jacko is having some trouble dealing with the reality we live with each and every day. Jacko's reality isn't like ours; his is created to fit his own needs. If his reality happens to get tangled up with ours, he can make ours go away with money. Not this time, though. The reality of the court system is static and resists bending, even for the likes of "the gloved one."

Jacko is stumped. He can't figure out this judge. The judge has laid down the rules of this house clearly, and now Jacko's testing him ever so slightly to see where the real line is drawn. As he shuffled into the courtroom this morning, he was acting like a little kid trying to get out of school by telling mom he doesn't feel good. The judge responded perfectly; he ignored him.

As adults, we can't simply say we don't feel good and have the objectionable aspects of our lives go away. But, we can have our doctor say we're having a mental breakdown and seek the shelter of a posh hospital that treats such afflictions. This is what I think Jacko's next move may be.

If Jacko feigns mental problems, it won't make any of this disappear; it will only postpone his next appointed day in court. On the other hand, Jacko might be trying to get the jury members to feel sorry for him. He can't be that stupid, but then again, he might be.

At any rate, I still think the only move Jacko has is to call Hotel Polanski to see if there's a room available.

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