Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Now that Bernie has been found guilty and faces what will be a life sentence, I wonder if these three have a Plan "B" in development yet?

These three have made hundreds of millions of dollars and lived like kings, for the most part. I'm sure they have massive assets stashed away somewhere overseas for a rainy day. Well, it isn't exactly raining outside, it's pouring. With the prospect of going to prison for the remaining years of their lives, I bet the idea of pulling a "Roman Polanski" has crossed their minds more than once.

If Las Vegas hasn't posted a "line" on this proposition yet, it should. I can't see any of these three hanging around for a life sentence, when they could jump on a jet and fly off to freedom outside our borders. France would love to open its doors.

It wouldn't surprise me if all three decided that a life sentence in another nation would be a better option than the one our courts have in mind. Maybe all three won't have the balls to do it, but I figure at least one of them will. And once one does it, the other two will be out of luck, because the govt will make it very difficult to move around without someone eyeballing them.

Ken Lay has got to know he's dead in the water after Bernie's strategy went up in flames. Jacko's chances of getting off seem to be better than Lay's, but if Jacko is handed a prison invite, odds are he takes a room down the hall from Polanski.

We're not talking about a 5 month Martha stretch with home detention; we're talking the rest of their lives.

I'm placing my wager on Plan "B" to "Show."

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