Friday, March 11, 2005


The Italian journalist's version of events during her escape and clash with US soldiers is slowly changing, again. Some details from behind the scenes can be read here.

Also, an Italian Justice Minister had the following to say about her:

Italy’s justice minister urged former hostage Giuliana Sgrena on Friday to stop making “careless” accusations after being shot by US forces in Baghdad, saying she had already caused enough grief.
Sgrena has repeatedly suggesting US soldiers shot her on purpose and said on Friday she had little faith in a joint investigation by Italy and the United States into the “friendly fire” incident.
“She has created enormous problems for the government and also caused grief that perhaps was better avoided,” Justice Minister Roberto Castelli told reporters in Bologna. ...
“Sgrena, I think, should perhaps be more careful. She has said a load of nonsense, speaks somewhat carelessly and makes careless comments,” Castelli said.

Load of nonsense, indeed.

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