Monday, March 07, 2005


Tiger is not only back, he's back in a big way. I thought he would regain his #1 ranking 2 weeks ago at Rivieria, but the weather stepped in and put a halt to that idea.

Now that Tiger is cutting the ball off the tee instead of drawing it, he has put himself back in the fairway for those short iron approaches to the green. He has a new driver to go with his new set-up, and he's simply hitting the ball a country mile. After that, it's just a short iron and a putt.

NBC was ringing the cash register all day Sunday with Tiger and Mickelson in the final pairing. The Super Bowl seemed commercial free in comparison. After every tee shot and final putt, it was off to a Ford commercial. If you weren't in the final pairing, face time on the tube was rare. Although, NBC did find time to show Singh circling the drain on the back nine. Speaking of face time, what's up with Mickelson refusing to do an interview afterwards? That's unlike him.

You couldn't ask for a better match-up or finish. Now that these two have squared off in Florida, look for the showdown at Augusta. I wonder if Vijay knows there's a tournament there next month?

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