Tuesday, March 01, 2005


I've been watching this case play out on tv since Jessica went missing, paying close attention to what the father says in the many interviews he's given. Nothing seemed strange the first few days, but the more the father talked on tv, the more I thought something was not right about this situation. I could be wrong.

The father seems too comfortable talking on tv, rehearsed or prepped in some way. Someone pointed out that he's able to turn his tears on and off to answer questions; I hadn't noticed that, but it's true.

The explanation given as to why the dog didn't bark during the night jumped out at me. The father said it wouldn't be unusal for the dog to not bark if a stranger came in because often times the dog is under a bunch of blankets. I don't buy that completely, mainly because it doesn't explain away the dog's keen sense of smell. If a stranger was in the house, the dog would either hear or smell the person. This tells me the girl left on her own, or she left with someone familiar to the dog.

Just a thought.

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