Monday, March 07, 2005


The wounding of the Italian journalist and the death of her security agent, though tragic, didn't have to happen. Whoever was in charge of this operation screwed up badly. The stories in the MSM have yet to say as much, but the story is coming out slowly on other venues. The MSM will catch-up shortly, only because they'll have to.

The first mistake was paying the terrorists a reported $6 million for Sgrena's freedom; the second was not coordinating with coalition forces in order to get her safely out of the country. I understand why some would pay for her freedom, I just don't agree with it.

It's obvious why the Italian's didn't notify anyone of her release and her travel plans to the airport; they didn't want anyone to know they buckled under to these thugs and paid them off. $6 million will buy a lot of death and destruction.

Sgrena, who's a communist, doesn't agree with anything the big bad USA is doing in the middle east, so she will stick to the story of how she was "attacked" by US forces. In addition, she may sell a few more papers and get an interview on tv with one of the MSM's finest. Get Blitzer on the phone.

You know the drill.

UPDATE: The little commie said the Americans fired 300-400 rounds at her vehicle in a "rain of bullets" or something to that effect. Her vehicle was located and here it is. Our boys don't seem to shoot very well. More training, more training!!!!

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