Wednesday, March 16, 2005


A few things are piling up on my list:

What's happening in the City of Brotherly Love? Twenty-One murders last week. Not feeling the love.

Ebbers guilty of all charges while not knowing what was going on in his company. Ken Lay must be sweating bullets.

Martha says the ankle device chaffes her and is uncomfortable. My advice for her is to avoid mentioning how uncomfortable her life is. Not a good idea.

Frank Rich was on Imus this morning. He's one of those guys that has yet to get over the past election, saying he is interested in what the NG docs had to say, nevermind they where forgeries. And possible Middle East peace is due, in large part, to Arafat dying. Frank, please.

Scott Peterson's life is about to completely go down the drain as he prepares to move into his new digs after sentencing later this morning. I really hope the judge reduces his sentence to life and lets him twist in the general population. He won't last long.

And finally, from Mission Ranch in Carmel, Clint Eastwood was on Hardball last night. I rarely watch HB, no need to explain, you've seen the viewer numbers, but I will say Chris was able to hold himself back and didn't make a fool of himself during the interview. Eastwood, as usual, was very good. He rarely does these type interviews. Chris asked him why he didn't pursue politics at a higher level after he was Mayor of Carmel: Eastwood simply said he liked to get things done. Well said.

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