Friday, March 18, 2005


At first I didn't think the congressional hearings on steroids would amount to much. I was wrong. Every time McGwire dodged a question, I saw Pete Rose sitting there.

When the BALCO investigation blows wide open, it will surely come back to bite McGwire and many others. McGwire missed a big opportunity yesterday to be a stand-up guy.

If nothing else becomes of this investigation, one thing is for sure: Big MAC will not be going to Cooperstown. In no way can The Sports Writers of America vote for his induction after his performance before Congress.

McGwire has lost his status as a role model to the youth of America, and he's about to lose the only thing he has left to lose: His legacy. Like Rose, he won't be included in the Hall of Fame because he didn't measure up on the baseball field, it will be because he didn't measure up off the field.

Recently, I read an obit from 1998 that relates to McGwire. The obit was for Sam Gordon, famous for purchasing Maris' record breaking homerun ball in '61. In the article, Sam's son related something his dad always told him:

"Be good to the game and the game will be good to you."

Yesterday was McGwire's time to be good to the game. He struck out.

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