Thursday, March 24, 2005


It's said that if Heavan had a waiting room, Florida would be it. Terri Schiavo is in the waiting room now, listening for her name to be called.

With all the court actions exhausted, it's now up to political will. I don't think Jeb Bush has the will to jump in and save Terri; the MSM would burn him at the stake. Politically, it would be a "perfect storm."

This morning I listened to Terri's brother commenting on the court's decision not to hear his sister's case. You can tell his family is suffering. He said his sister is taking on the look of a "concentration camp survivor."

One politician that could step in without fear of media backlash is Hillary Clinton. However, she's in hiding since the Senate voted on the Schiavo bill. When's the last time you saw her face on the tube? You'd think the MSM would track her down for a comment. If she wants to be President, now's the time to step up and act like it.

How sad is this?

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