Wednesday, April 06, 2005


The pork buffet in California is getting shorter, less items are being offered, portions smaller, and many are not happy, even paranoid, about it. The protest in SF recently were large, loud and out of control. But these crowds of protesters were not your everyday citizen out there complaining that they are being short-changed by cutbacks in the state, these were the powerful unions protecting their turf.

The state's fiscal problems be damned. Unions want the status quo enjoyed under Grey Davis and if there must be cutbacks, let it be in someone else's programs. They are calling the Gov a corporate pig for fundraising. I say it's their world he's living in now and he's simply doing what they've always done: Raise money. It's a reality in all politics, he didn't invent it, however, he's good at it. Very good.

No matter where you stand on the issue of California's money woes, their will be cutbacks across the board. Business as usual is gone and the powers in the Dem party are understanding this all too well. They are forced to put on a good show for those that depend on them; a good show it was.

This is what happens when someone outside the political power grid comes to power, shakes things up, and scares the hell out of those controlling the flow of money. The Gov is beholden to few and will drag these squeeling little piggies to market whether they like it or not.

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