Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Last Sunday Jane Fonda appeared on 60 Minutes, in part, to discuss her activities in North Viet Nam during the war, but mostly to sell a book.

In this interview she stated she had a lapse of judgement when she decided to appear along side an anti-aircraft gun battery. I agree it was a poor decision. Just going to Viet Nam and meeting with the enemy was a poor decision, but Jane doesn't see it that way.

You have to understand one thing about Fonda: She has never made apologies to veterans for her behavior when it didn't serve her best interests. Years ago she was working on a project in New England, when veterans protested so vehemently that she was forced to stand and apologize for her actions in North Viet Nam. The project went forward to completion.

Last Sunday Fonda's semi-apology for her actions at the "Gun" is all well and good, except for one thing: SHE'S SELLING A BOOK!!

Under these circumstances, I find nothing genuine about what she has to say on the subject; treason is still treason.

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