Tuesday, April 19, 2005


For libs all over the nation, reality has set in: Bush really did win. After being knocked to the canvas last November, libs have gotten back to their feet and now are doing whatever they can to stop anything Bush, or any republican, proposes, even if it's the best thing for the nation.

Doing what's best for the nation is of no real concern to the libs, stopping Bush at every turn is the main goal of this party. Since they have no real ideas of their own, getting in the way of those who do is the next best strategy for them. And they're good at it. The liberal establishment is scared to death that Bush and the conservatives will end up doing great things during their term.

The libs in California are freaking out over Arnold and his proposals to bring the state's financial house back in order.

The Senate libs won't even vote on judicial nominees; they want to filibuster the process.

John Bolton is being attacked for not being as sensitive as the libs would like as a boss. This guy has been in a senior position for 16 years and confirmed 4 times by the Senate, but now that Bush has proposed him for a UN post, he's unfit for the job. Nevermind that he might just be the best person for the job.

The libs in the media are already posting stories that are less than flattering about the new Pope. He's conservitive, ya know.

And then there's the liberal flagship of talk radio, Air America. This ship is flying on its last engine and is looking for a place to crash land. The ratings numbers are not very good, unimpressive, to say the least, and are being beaten badly by conservative talk radio across the board. Libs are very nervous about the future of this lefty venture. The money isn't coming in from ads as projected, so it'll have to come from somewhere or the plug gets pulled.

If you haven't listened to Air America, I can tell you that it's painful to get through it. I recommend a couple beers before, during, and after. Lib talk radio doesn't work. How much whining can you stand? I will tune in for Al Franken's last show as Air America hits the end of the runway and breaks up.

And to make matters worse, Newt is beginning to show up on their radar screens. He's positioning himself ever so delicately, and he's got tons of juice, politically.

It's not a good time to be a lib.

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