Thursday, May 12, 2005


Since the Sacramento Union shut its presses down, we've had to live with only one paper, the Sacramento Bee, here in River City. Had the Union survived, it would certainly be flourishing in this day and age. The Union has made a comeback with its on-line edition, but we're all hoping it finds its way back to newstands soon.

The news today out of the Bee is that veteran Sac Bee columnist, Diana Griego Erwin, has been allowed to resign, for personal reasons, after a few of her columns included people that may not exist. Would someone explain that one to me? I think she left this fishwrapper because she was fired. Now, in my mind, that's a good personal reason.

Erwin has been with the Bee for 12 years and has many awards, including a Pulitzer Prize she shares with another journalist. No doubt the publisher at the Bee will be digging around to authenticate much of her past columns. After this, all their other writers will be looking over their shoulders as they go to press.

The stench of the New York Times has now arrived in Sacramento. It couldn't have happened to a nicer paper, either. Now maybe the Union will gain some momemtum and get back into the print biz.

I just love the smell of stench in the air.

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