Tuesday, November 08, 2005


And while we wait for the results to come in, here's a couple things to look over:

***Pam at BlogmeisterUSA has some exposed footage for your viewing displeasure.

***Recently, the Sacramento City Council passed a resolution calling for the President to withdraw from Iraq and bring all the troops home. Needless to say, this action did not go over too well, and not just with locals, either; they got some rather nasty emails and phone calls from all around the country. So, the council, with all its bravado, did this: They called the police. Read the sad story here.

***Melanie Morgan, of Move America Forward, just dropped an email in my inbox. In it she says a nationwide ad will begin tomorrow on Fox from "The Other Iraq.com." It's an ad by Iraqis thanking America for their freedom. There's 3 spots, but here's my favorite.

And finally...

***A fence doesn't always make for good neighbors. Ace has the post.

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