Friday, December 16, 2005


Is it just me or was history made yesterday? I thought history was made, but why hasn't anyone told our biggest and most important newspapers about it?

The voting in Iraq yesterday was history in the making, at least as significant, I think more, than two guys grudgingly shaking hands in the Clinton Rose Garden. This wasn't about words of good deeds, it was actual progress being made. Democracy on the move.

It isn't a stretch to say the Iraqi elections are the most important, historical elections to have ever taken place, so where the hell is Jimmy Carter when all this is unfolding? A dumb question, I know, but it had to be asked.

Back to the papers. This morning I went to the major newspapers to see what their morning internet editions were sporting as headlines. Because I am aware of who the real enemy is in this country, I was not surprised at what I found:

NYT--Transit Strike.
WAPO--Bush Allows Spying on Americans.
LAT--John McCain's Al Qaeda Bill of Rights.

I stole the "Al Qaeda Bill of Rights" comment from Rush. He won't mind, though. And to be fair, I checked the headline of the NYT that you would buy on the streets of New York. It was about the election, with picture, but on the left side, at the same level, was the John McCain Story. Furthermore, I figure there's a reason why the NYT went with something other than the election on their internet site: Millions more read that site as opposed to actual papers being bought on the street.

Yesterday, I started my little check on the media with CNN's Anderson Cooper. If you're in Iraq on or around December 15th with a film crew, there's only one story to cover, you would think. But Anderson was able to locate one that he thought was more important, and, apparently, CNN agreed with him.

Anderson is with an American unit and they're taking fire from some terrorists located on a rooftop. The Americans call in an air strike and level the building. Tragically, 17 people, civilians, are inside the building and are killed. Then CNN warns its viewers that the following images are graphic in nature. They begin to show the dead bodies being pulled from the rubble. One picture is of a little boy--his father says, " Look at him. Look at him. He looks like he's sleeping." Truly heartbreaking.

Anderson got his story, but not the one about elections; he got the one about how our troops are doing harm--killing innocent civilians.

It's not only the MSM who's glossing over the Iraqi elections, either. Some in Congress are avoiding it at all costs. Illinois' version of Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Marathon Pundit's rep in Congress, has one of the 15 balloting stations for Iraqi expatriates located in her district. However, she's mum about it. You would think she's be down there supporting them, having her picture taken with them, and even dipping her far-left finger in the ink well. Read Marathon Pundit's rundown on the story here.

I think we have a better idea, today, who the real enemy is. Not that we didn't already know. It's important to always note what these news outlets cover; it's equally important to note what they don't cover.

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