Sunday, January 15, 2006


Walter Cronkite thinks it's 1968 all over again. He also thinks people care about what he has to say.

Cronkite is now saying that it's time for us to leave Iraq; he said the same thing about Viet Nam. When Katrina hit, he says we missed an opportunity:

"We had an opportunity to say to the world and Iraqis after the hurricane disaster that Mother Nature has not treated us well and we find ourselves missing the amount of money it takes to help these poor people out of their homeless situation and rebuild some of our most important cities in the United States," he said. "Therefore, we are going to have to bring our troops home."

Yes, Walter thinks it's time for us to turn tail and run; I think it's time for Walter to put a sock in it.

And that's the way it is--Sunday, January 15th, 2006.

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