Monday, January 09, 2006


Come Monday morning the main story for the MSM will surely be SCOTUS nominee Alito. All eyes will be glued to the tv for this one. These hearings, for the most part, are a waste of time and very boring. They've already made up their minds, anyway.

In the event the MSM isn't happy with the results of the Alito hearings, they have several backup stories with which to fill their pages. Let's see, they could go with the always popular Jack Abramoff story, because we all know democrats are above taking money illegally. Or, we have the rise and fall of one Tom Delay. And if things really get thin, there's always NSA.

I can't imagine the MSM having to go any deeper, however, they could always discuss the rumor that Karl Rove will soon be charged with being too good at his job, or how's a little Bush impeachment strike ya? So many news worthy items to go with, and it's just Monday!


If you find yourself bored with the news of the day, try this little sucker. The note attached said it's used in the testing of pilots. Greybeard? I made it to 1 minute 6 seconds--check your skills. Hint: If you've ever flown a tail-dragger, then "small inputs" to the rudder will mean something.

Bonus item: I didn't see this on any cable or network outlet, but here in Sacramento reporters were tripping over themselves to get it on the air. I just thought you'd like to know she's ok and in good company. Bitch.

MAYDAY!! BLOGGER DOWN: Chris at Lucky Dawg News is down with the flu--Jen's filling in while he's on the mend. Drop him a line and wish him well.

Pam at Blogmeister USA has a transcript and audio of one of California's Congressmen during a town hall meeting. Pam would like to buy the guy a clue. Unbelievable.

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